JP Motorsport crossed the finish line at Paul Ricard’s 1,000 km race

JP Motorsport crossed the finish line at Paul Ricard’s 1,000 km race

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JP Motorsport’s first endurance outing for the McLaren 720S in the PRO category was not going to be an easy one. A successful early phase of the event was ruined by a puncture in the second hour of the race. The team around Christian Klien, Patryk Krupinski and Karol Basz finally crossed the finish line of Paul Ricard’s 1,000 km on 29th place.

Paul Ricard. JP Motorsport contested the first endurance competition with the McLaren 720S in Paul Ricard, France. The 6-hour race started on 23rd position after the combined qualifying of all three drivers – a good starting position for the line-up of one platinum, silver and bronze driver each in the high-performance Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe.

At the beginning of the 1,000 km race, Christian Klien was able to make up a few positions and finally handed over to Patryk Krupinski while on P16. An unfortunate tire damage ruined the initial success and put JP Motorsport at the bottom of the field. In addition, further collisions followed in the course of the race, which further impaired the vehicle performance. Nevertheless, the driver trio and the team did their best to fight their way back to the front and, despite the handicaps, were able to finish 29th in the highly competitive field.

In three weeks, JP Motorsport will be heading to Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, to tackle the second season stop of the International GT Open from June 18th to 20th.

Patryk Krupinski

“We were able to show strong performances several times over the weekend and drew attention to ourselves. We were already aware that we might not be able to keep up with the leaders of the field, but that we were able to keep up so well in some parts of the race, makes us feel positive. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky in the race and lost some time to incidents such as a puncture, two collisions with rivals and a collision with a rabbit or a fox – we can no longer identify it. The fact that, despite all the damage, we were able to ride so well at the end of the race and land on 29th position shows what a good job McLaren, the team and the drivers have done.”

Christian Klien

“With the 23rd place we had a very strong qualifying – especially since we started in the PRO category with a bronze driver in the line-up. Patryk did an excellent job and I am delighted to see how quickly he is developing in only his sophomore year. The first stint was very good and I was able to work my way up to 16th place. The promising race was unfortunately interrupted by a contact with another vehicle and the resulting tire damage. We had a pace that would have been enough for the top 10! As a result of the events, we were able to finish Paul Ricard’s 1,000 km in 29th place.”

Karol Basz

“I’m very satisfied with the pace we had this weekend. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side. Nevertheless, many thanks to the entire JP Motorsport team for the opportunity and the great cooperation – see you!”

About JP Motorsport

JP Motorsport was founded in 2020 and caused a sensation in its first season. Nine podium finishes in 14 races in the GT Open PROAM class led to second place overall in the championship. In 2021, the young team will rely on their new McLaren 720S GT3, which shines in the well-known, black and gold design. In addition to its involvement in the International GT Open, JP Motorsport will take part in an event of the GT World Challenge Europe as well as in three DTM events with Christian Klien behind the wheel.