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Driving a racing car is one of a kind experience. You probably know that already and you wish to do it again and again. During the practices with us, you will improve and develop your skills. We will teach you how to race and how to prepare to race as the repeated physiological and psychological trainings are key. Our head of Driver Development Team, Christian Klien will show you driving techniques that he uses while racing and analyze your performance so you can achieve your absolute best.



Compete at the highest level with the help of professionals and the highest performance. Our team is specializing in providing customer service on and of the track, on many levels, to provide our clients with a service tailored to their highest needs. The full technical and personal background also allows us to lead an effective development path for drivers who want to achieve the highest levels of the podium in racing series such as GT World Challenge by AWS, International GT Open, ADAC GT Masters, or Creventic Endurance Series.


Find your limits, check ideas for a racing line or braking point, get ready to start a race on an unfamiliar track. observe and learn from your driving. Or just test your skills. A professionally prepared simulator, with a professional background of engineers and drivers, is a completely new open gate for everyone interested in racing. From professionals who want to improve their skills with the helping hand of the entire team to amateurs who want to prepare for the first start or try their hand at the wheel of a racing car.


Ever wonder how it is like inside a racing car? Even if you don’t have racing license, you can experience it with us. Take the passenger seat of one of our cars driven by a professional racing driver. Make a lap ride on one of Europe’s famous racetracks and feel the speed of the car and the emotions on your own skin. See how it’s done by a pro: from driving the full speed on a straight stretch to the perfectly planned taking a turn. Choose between Mercedes AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GTB and Hyundai i30 N TRC.


You have a racing car but you do not have racing team or equipment? We are here for you. We take care of the reliability and performance of your car before any race you want to take part in; guide you through the process and send our team with you to the racing weekend. Having the necessary knowledge, technical background and experience, we will make sure that your car is fully prepared and arranged according to your needs. The full range of solutions used in motorsport with the help of experienced specialists introduces a new dimension to you and your car’s performance.


Restoring a classic car is the most artistic kind of our services. It requires a lot of precision, the right experience and approach so that the car regains its youthful glow. Just like in the case of racing cars, 30 or 40 year old cars need a special treatment and attention to every little detail to enjoy their beauty and soul. Turn your car over to our experienced and passionate specialists to enjoy your car’s uniqueness even more. We will take care of the whole process of restoring body and soul. Whether your car need a small fix or general restoration, our team will handle it.